Satellite Fellows 2023

Sylvia Ray


Sylvia Ray

Sylvia Ray is an award-winning Chicana/Korean-American director who focuses on telling stories about characters that awkwardly overcome feelings of unworthiness. She was born and raised in Barstow, CA, and found her love for storytelling through her parents who watched Star Trek and bootleg Korean dramas in separate rooms. She pulls inspiration from her desert-town upbringing, travels abroad, fashion, art, and motherhood. As someone who has found comfort and pride in her mixed roots, she is motivated to tell stories that bridge cultural gaps while making a positive impact on representation in front of and behind the camera.


Written and Directed by Sylvia Ray

Sylvia Ray

THE MIDDLE is a coming-of-age dramatic short film that will serve as a proof of concept for a full-length feature film. The Middle explores themes of grief, trauma, and loyalty vs. morality.

LOGLINE - A desert teen tries to escape the consequences of a pivotal night and has to decide between telling the truth and protecting her family.

The Middle follows Joanna Baca as she works at a local fast-food restaurant while trying to avoid the reality of the tragic event that happened a few days earlier. She’s pushed and pulled in many directions and ultimately is left to face the facts and make a choice. Life is full of choices and they can affect the trajectory of our lives and at 15, it can feel like life or death.

I want to explore these uncomfortable feelings all while showing the lifestyle, beauty, and dysfunction of a small desert town which isn’t often portrayed properly in film. This short film is a teaser for a feature film that explores Joanna’s adolescent life while she goes off the deep end with the “wrong crowd”.


An anthology feature film that chronicles the pitfalls of a home through the eyes of seven women over the decades.

Sylvia Ray

Through The Blinds is a collection of seven intimate stories that take place under one roof – from the birth of the 1950s housewife to today’s career-focused millennial and everything in between – tying together the history & transformation of women’s experiences in the American suburban home. Through The Blinds is led by a band of women filmmakers from marginalized groups that are determined to break down barriers and forge a path for their communities. Currently in the pre-productions stage, the creative team is securing actors, locations, and investments. Proper funding is a huge barrier for indie filmmakers. Through Sylvia’s fellowship with Satellite Collective, the team aims to raise a sizable amount of tax-deductible donations to bring their vision to fruition.


PREGGERS (short film directed by Sylvia Ray)

Sylvia Ray

After Isabella’s encounter with a curandera (witch), she takes a pregnancy test that derails the plans she has planned for herself. After discussing the positive test with her boyfriend Carlos, he berates her for considering an abortion. Isabella decides to use an ointment that was given to her by the curandera. Carlos wakes up in a nightmare where he is confronted with children, a pregnant belly and an unruly scientist. After his fever dream comes to an end, he awakes with a new found respect and empathy for Isabella. SELECTIONS: Portland Film Festival, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles, Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, NALIP Official Selection, Official Latino Film and Arts Festival, Sunscreen Film Fest West, Hermosa Beach, StoryMode Independent Short Film Awards (SISFA), We Make Movies International Film Festival, LACLA Nueva Onda selection WINS: Arizona International Film Festival - Best Comedy Short; SISFA - Best Picture DISTRIBUTION: PREGGERS will soon be available on AVENIDA TV, which launches Summer 2023