March 22, 2017

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A Slow Burn To the Premiere of Narcissus

An Immersive Experience Inspired by Ballet Russes

In a few short years, Satellite Collective has embraced art forms fearlessly and styled multiple seasons of dance, music, film and word. In 2017, this peculiar, dynamic group will produce for the first time an integrated, evening length work and fuse their collective process into a full length collaborative event. Live pop and indie classical music, film, dance, theater and architecture will all be put to service in a production that will, literally, immerse the audience.

Satellite introduces Narcissus, an immersive experience inspired by Ballet Russes.

This season, Satellite will take on a slow burn of showings, events and surprises, leading to the Spring 2018 premiere of this large-scale collaborative work under Artistic Director Kevin Draper. An all star team of artists from New York City Ballet, Juilliard, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Bowery Arts and Sciences has begun production.

"These are people who know how to produce a show."

- The New York Times, 2014

"An admirably cooperative endeavor and a peculiar one."

- The New York Times, 2015

"Satellite Collective aims to open up the stage to diverse artistic practice, producing alternate channels for performance to envelope the audience-expressing the theatrical and choreographic gesture, sound, décor, film, stagecraft and storytelling into a total artwork."

- New York Observer, 2016

Founding Artistic Director Kevin Draper will direct Satellite's latest work. "We've always thrived at the intersection of dance, visual art and music pioneered by Ballet Russes, and after several years of large scale global experimentation, it's nice to return to that kind of focused work - where every idea has to spin with every other idea in that intimate stage space - like a clockwork. We want to bring an immersive design to this - we'll locate the audience in unique ways - it's an architectural take on the basic condition of Narcissus and self-image. We're inspired by Ballet Russes and their early staging of this work but it's not a revival - it will be in this moment, now, when our most powerful leaders communicate with each other and with us through their own image on television and the internet. I think it checks the political relevance box pretty hard!" Draper laughs, and adds, "plus, original music, maybe even a dash of opera."

The team creating this immersive event will be led by Daniel Applebaum, NYCB (Director), Devin Alberda, NYCB (Ballet Director), Marika Anderson, NYCB (Branding), Brandon Stirling Baker (Lighting), Kevin Draper (Architect), Lora Robertson (Filmmaker) and Aaron Severini, NYCB/Juilliard (Composer and Music Director). Satellite is actively recruiting writers, poets, arrangers, dramaturges, scenic designers, artists and musicians, and will announce as the production grows and reaches its premiere. The first event will be a film festival of Satellite Collective video and short film this Spring.

Executive Director Lora Robertson noted the importance of the inclusivity and collaboration to Satellite's mission. "Creative responsibility is what Satellite offers young artists. We choose capable and strong artists from an incredibly diverse pool of talent and provide the structure to collaborate on challenging ideas. Our artists pursue strong careers - our inclusive environment is a key part of forming that vision."


In a few short years, Satellite Collective has fearlessly styled multiple seasons of dance, music, film and word to their vision. Under the leadership of Kevin Draper Satellite has launched young choreographers, composers, film makers, poets and artists with an uncanny sense of timing - they've tapped into an intense scene of NYC artists from New York City Ballet, Juilliard, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Bowery Poetry Club; bridged a global network of artists working in every medium from video games to installation, and fused pop music from members of The Lumineers, San Fermin and the song writing scenes in the Pacific Northwest into arresting short film and stage work. Always, with a stylish and confident manner, always with a vision.

Satellite believes in artists collaborating as equals, globally and virtually. We incubate performances, arts exchanges, and publications that allow artists to work together because we believe that is the future. Founded in 2010, Satellite Collective has produced three evening-length ballets, four hours of original music, two hours of original film, commissioned eight modern dance works, founded Transmission, an arts publication, hosted five annual arts retreats, launched Telephone, which simultaneously published the interconnected works of 315 artists from 42 countries, and has recently launched Satellite Press, a small independent press publishing emerging and established authors and poets.

Satellite is proud to have received support from the Brooklyn Academy of Arts, Jerome Robbins Foundation, Frey Foundation, Nestle, SAP, 92Y, DeVos Institute of Arts Management, Brooklyn Arts Council and many others government, public and private supporters.

Satellite is a graduate of the 2015-16 BAM Professional Development Program in collaboration with the DeVos Institute of Arts Management.

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